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About Amanda

Amanda has extensive experience and technical knowledge. She combines this with a forward thinking approach, the love of a challenge and practical easy to understand language.

Amanda has worked with hundreds of successful business owners over 30 years as a Chartered Accountant.  During that time she has identified that many business owners lack the basic knowledge of numbers, what they mean and how to interpret them.

She is a technologist who fuses accounting know-how with technology to improve and grow businesses.

As a thought leader in this space, Amanda is the author of two books. Amazon No 1 Bestseller – “Connected Technology – How to Transform Your Business with Cloud Accounting” published in May 2013 and her recently published book, “Unscramble Your Numbers – Unlock the Secrets to Your Business Cashflow”.

It was whilst writing “Unscramble Your Numbers” that Amanda decided to sell her traditional accounting practice and devote her time to filling the gap in knowledge of the numbers through her consulting programs and keynote speaking at events.

Amanda’s experience, knowledge and business vision is exemplary!

I have had the pleasure of working with Amanda over the last 3 years as a Xero partner.  I consider Amanda as a truly ‘connected advisor’ who knows exactly what it takes to achieve results to create incredibly robust and successful businesses.

As a well known and respected Xero Gold Partner, speaker, author, mentor and business advisor, I have witnessed Amanda transform not only her practice but also her client’s businesses from strength to strength. I’m constantly inspired by her innovative approach to growth & passion for technology. It’s a rare blend and what makes Amanda a thought leader in her field.

– Meena Berry, Senior Account Manager, Xero –

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