Connected Accounting Practice

The Connected Accounting Practice – Embrace Technology, Improve Productivity and Get More Clients is available in Paperback Version:

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The Connected Accounting Practice

Do you feel that your practice is being left behind with new technology?

Are your clients seeking more advice that you don’t have time to provide?

Are you working for longer hours, missing out on family events and making less profit?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, now is the time to revitalise your practice, improve efficiencies and bring back enjoyment and satisfaction to the work you do.

In Connected Accounting Practice, takes you through the three key elements to make the transition from the accounting practice you have to the one you want.

Amanda transformed a traditional accounting practice that she bought in 2007 into a successful modern practice using technology to create efficiencies and increased productivity. She built a solid team with staff from widely different backgrounds, had a constant stream of new clients and created the role she wanted for herself.

Imagine having an accounting practice that provides you with space to do the work you love, with people you like, knowing that you are adding value to your clients, and spreading your knowledge across the wider community you serve.

Unscramble Your Numbers

Unscramble Your Numbers – Unlock the Secrets to Your Business Cashflow is available in two formats:

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Unscramble Your Numbers

Do you understand your business numbers? Do you want to grow your business? Do you want to take control of your business and stop stressing about your cashflow?

Then now is the time to read Unscramble Your Numbers and unravel the mysteries of your numbers.

In this book you will learn:

  • why cloud accounting systems are essential
  • what reports you should be reviewing weekly and monthly
  • the difference between a budget and a cashflow forecast
  • the 5 Key Performance Indicators you should be focusing on
  • the importance of setting written financial goals
  • why accountability and advice is imperative to improving your numbers

“Unscramble Your Numbers” is the definitive step by step guide to understanding business cashflow and financial reporting for better decisions.

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Connected Technology – How to Transform Your Business with Cloud Accounting is available in paperback only

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Connected Technology

It is a well-known fact that 80% of new businesses do not survive their first year. Of the 20% that do, another 70% don’t survive the second year. One of the major factors behind these figures is a lack of clarity and control of the business finances.

Whether you are in the first couple of years of your business, or have survived and having been in business many years, technology has changed the way we do business in many ways.

The accounting systems have changed significantly in recent years with the advent of cloud solutions.

Amanda’s first book and Amazon No 1 Bestseller is the definitive guide to cloud accounting solutions for business owners.

Cloud accounting has arrived and is here to stay. It is already revolutionising the way businesses operate and the early adopters are reaping the benefits.

As a business owner, you need to understand the impact cloud accounting can have on your business; the time saving, the ease of use, the information available at your fingertips, and the information available to make informed business decisions.

If you don’t embrace change, your business may not survive in the future.

“Connected Technology – How to Transform Your Business with Cloud Accounting” is a must read to understand how cloud accounting can revolutionise your business.


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