Unscramble Your Numbers

Do you understand your business numbers? Do you want to grow your business? Do you want to take control of your business and stop stressing about your cashflow?

Then now is the time to read Unscramble Your Numbers and unravel the mysteries of your numbers.

In this book you will learn:

  • why cloud accounting systems are essential
  • what reports you should be reviewing weekly and monthly
  • the difference between a budget and a cashflow forecast
  • the 5 Key Performance Indicators you should be focusing on
  • the importance of setting written financial goals
  • why accountability and advice is imperative to improving your numbers

“Unscramble Your Numbers” is the definitive step by step guide to understanding business cashflow and financial reporting for better decisions.

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Cloud accounting has been the missing link in business for a long time.
Now it’s here,  Amanda Fisher has written the definitive book to help anyone make the transition
– and it is an exceptional book, inspiring, easy to read and wonderfully practical.

– Andrew Griffiths, Australia’s #1 Small Business Author –

The Connected Accounting Practice

In Connected Accounting Practice, takes you through the three key elements to make the transition from the accounting practice you have to the one you want.

Amanda transformed a traditional accounting practice that she bought in 2007 into a successful modern practice using technology to create efficiencies and increased productivity. She built a solid team with staff from widely different backgrounds, had a constant stream of new clients and created the role she wanted for herself.

The Connected Accounting Practice
The Connected Accounting Practice – Paperback
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Amanda was kind enough to give me a copy of her recent book
“Connected Technology,” which I read with interest. I would recommend
this book to small business owners, with regard to their new options for
generating and — more importantly — using accounting information.
Michael Vitale , Professor, Monash University

Connected Technology

As a business owner, you need to understand the impact cloud accounting can have on your business; the time saving, the ease of use, the information available at your fingertips, and the information available to make informed business decisions.

If you don’t embrace change, your business may not survive in the future.

“Connected Technology – How to Transform Your Business with Cloud Accounting” is a must read to understand how cloud accounting can revolutionise your business.

Connected Technology – Free Chapter
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Connected Technology – Paperback
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Amanda’s superbly written and down-to-earth book is so timely. The time will come when
you’re simply not ‘switched on’ unless you’re accounting in the cloud.
And Amanda’s book gives you a superb road map to follow to make the transition – well,
not just to make it but to make it seamlessly and without pain, fear or loss
– Paul Dunn, Co-Founder and Chairman, B1G1 –