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Many business owners appear to run their business as though they are blindfolded. They lurch from one crisis to the next without seeing where they are going or checking where they have been.

Amanda’s consulting services will take you from blindfolded to having clarity for the future. Together we will focus on the systems and the numbers, implementing improvements so that you will never feel as though you are blindfolded again.

A self-confessed efficiency geek, Amanda will identify areas for improvement.  She is a natural educator who will have you learning without realising that you are being educated.  The complex is made simple and over time your confidence in your business will grow significantly.

There are no quick fix solutions that will ensure the longevity of your business. Commitment is necessary to effect changes that will last. Working together one-on-one ensures accountability, advice and actions to set up the foundations for long-term success.

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Always ready with help, advice and a sympathetic ear, Amanda shares
our entrepreneurial view of the world and has demonstrated to us an
innovative approach to helping us manage our business.
– Neil Hymers, Penbro Wireless Solutions Pty Ltd –

Running your business involves countless demands on your time and attention, a myriad of skills, boundless energy and continual focus on the future. It’s common for business owners to experience uneven growth and plateaus in revenue. Cash flow is a very real problem that can strangle progress and threaten viability.

We tend to start our businesses because we’re skilled and experienced in our particular area. Finances aren’t an area that many business owners are skilled at. It’s hard to find objective, quality financial advice on forecasting, revenue benchmarking, cash flow improvements and profit planning. More often, owners only understand the financial health of their business in retrospect. There is a better way.

Amanda’s Energise Your Business Program is the financial and business advising service that will take your business from reacting to leading, from stressed out to efficient, from chaotic to organised. Stress is not an inevitable byproduct of running your own business. You don’t need to react and respond. As the owner, you can lead, inspire and delegate far more effectively. It simply requires you to decide that there has to be a better way.

5 States of Business Ownership

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How to know if this program is for you:

  1. Industry Type:
  • Agribusiness
  • Specialty Foods
  • Property Developer or Builder

2. Business Stage

  • business is established
  • turnover $500K +

3. Business Challenges

  • erratic cashflow
  • poor or no management reprint systems in place
  • not achieving the financial results you expected

Areas of focus

Energise Your Business focuses on:

  • Understanding how your business goals can be interpreted through your financial reports
  • Reducing wasted expenditure to increase your business profits
  • Profit planning, to help you understand where your real profits are coming from
  • Knowing which financial reports to focus on that are relevant to your business and how to understand them easily so that you can make better business decisions
  • Seeking cost improvements in processes to ensure your business is working optimally
  • Exploring your business opportunities and potential so that you can become your best business advisor by better understanding what makes an opportunity relevant and vital to your business.

The finer details:

Energise Your Business involves:

  • A twelve-month commitment
  • Regular monthly one-to-one time with Amanda
  • A review your current business position and systems
  • Renewed goals and an aligned and effective financial plan
  • Preparation of budgets and cash flow forecasts
  • Monthly management reporting
  • Regular priority-setting, tasks and accountability

Amanda has limited places available for this intensive program.

Why Amanda Fisher

Amanda is a natural educator and self-confessed efficiency geek with decades of experience working closely with business owners across a variety of industries.

Amanda’s gift is her ability to quickly and accurately identify areas for improvement while teaching and empowering owners to lead more effectively. Her clients often comment how effortlessly Amanda explains complex financial information in a simple-to-understand manner and how they didn’t realise they were being educated.

What Energise Your Business brings to your business

Energise Your Business is a tailored, one-to-one consulting service that will boost your profits and increase your knowledge, understanding and confidence as a business owner and director of your success. Amanda will empower you with the best and most relevant software and systems to improve your efficiency while working closely with you to help boost your financial proficiency.

With greater financial aptitude, overhauled systems that integrate seamlessly, and a reviewed plan and goals to energise you and direct your business well into the future, Energise Your Business is your secret weapon to take your business from good to great.

Amanda guides you through her trusted system of reviewing, renewing and empowering to help effect changes that last.

I use Amanda for her ability to really listen to what my issues
are and her suggestions to working through those issues.
I have received uncomplicated, straight forward and practical
advice. I would recommend her services to any SME.
– Michael Gallagher – Haemologic Biotech Pty Ltd –


Contact me today and we’ll book in an obligation free Skype chat so I can listen to your concerns, explore solutions and customise the program specifically for you.  I think you’ll be genuinely surprised by what you discover.

As web developers we were very keen to trial the cloud based accounting
platform Xero in 2011, however our accountant had not even heard of Xero.
This lead us to working with Amanda Fisher, Xero specialist and highly
capable financial managers.   Since moving, we have felt more empowered
and have far better visibility in managing our accounts.
Amanda has helped ups to get the best from Xero as well as giving us the
necessary support and guidance we need to achieve our strategic goals
– Alanah Fox – Redfox Media Pty Ltd –