When I started out in business, I was very clear about WHY I was doing what I do. Put very simply, I wanted to make a real difference to my clients, through keynote presentations, writing books and consulting.

I wanted to do that by providing the kind of service people rave about on top of exceptional advice about business, improving systems with new technology, increasing cashflow and profits. I wanted to make sure they made more money… and that they kept it!

At the end of the day, I wanted my clients to be saying “What you did for us made such a difference to me and my family.”

I’ve done that… and of course, I continue doing it each day. Changing lives of people I know. It makes each day so rewarding.

And I wanted to do more than that.

Now, just by doing what I do, I’m changing lives of people I’ve never met as well. I’m a Business Partner at B1G1. And that means that I’m able to link what I do directly to nearly 700 projects around the world.  The projects I choose are related to business and education, whether giving a goat to a family in Kenya to start a business, providing business education to women to help them start a business or giving books to children to help with their education, the impact is spreading throughout the world.

B1G1’s pretty unique. The B1G1 model makes it possible for 100% of my giving to go to the projects I choose. And as I and my clients grow, so our giving and impact grows too.

B1G1 allows my WHY to be even larger than I ever imagined.

I firmly believe that businesses have the power to change lives. Now together with my clients, I’m making that happen. So now, my days are even more rewarding.


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