Six years ago when I was running my accounting practice I realised that in order to grow the business, I needed to understand sales and marketing. You see, like you, I was trained to work in my business and I loved what I did, but I knew that I needed more people to know what I did so that I could help more people.

And so began my journey to learn as much as I could about sales and marketing. Over the time I’ve signed up for just about every course there was and just last week I was privileged to be in a room with 45 other business owners and entrepreneurs in the presence of copywriting royalty.

Gary Halbert or Sir Gary Halbert as some people refer to him was a marketing and copywriting genius, well known and highly respected in that world. Now unfortunately he passed away some years ago, but he had two sons who he taught from a very early age all about what he did, how he did it and instilled in them the same wisdom and expertise that he had. Bond and Kevin Halbert not only learnt from this king of kings, but they have added to his wisdom with their own.

This was the first time that Bond and Kevin Halbert had come to Australia, brought here through their friendship with Ben Simkin to give members of Ben’s Mastermind and a few others, three extraordinary days. It was three full days of Bond and Kevin, no other speakers, no spruiking, no sales, just solid information, insights and gems of wisdom.

I was expecting three days of serious copywriting how-to’s, what we got was so much more.

They covered topics as diverse as:

How to Get Amazon to Sell for You – this was specifically about books, but no doubt can be applied to any product sold on Amazon, and for me as an author of three books was gold.

Storytelling and how to use it in copywriting to make the reader feel what you are talking about.

How to Get Emails Opened and Read – tactics, how to be memorable, subject lines and so on. How to use “I” to explain negatives and “you” to take all the positives.

Different types of marketing, when and how to use them

We had Q and A sessions and a full day of hot seating where everyone was able to ask a question specific to their business.

Not only that, but both Bond and Kevin mingled with the attendees during all the breaks, at the beginning of the day and at happy hour after the event. Bond and Kevin are completely different personalities and I was honoured when Kevin came up to me at the next break after my hot seat session and offered me a suggestion about the title of my books.

People talk about events that change their lives, and I’ve always dismissed it as rhetoric, but this event has had a huge impact on me and I know that the lessons will stay with me and not only impact my business but also my clients as I pass along the gems of wisdom to them.