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Without exception, every single business owner I’ve ever worked with started their business because they are highly skilled in their area of expertise. They are fueled by high spirits, a genuine desire to add value to their clients, and an optimism for the future.

As time wears on though, cracks can begin to appear. They start spending most of their time putting out business fires – jumping from one crisis to another with barely time to catch their breath before the next issue comes along.

I know, because I was exactly the same when I first started as a business owner.

Running a business is like spinning plates; there are countless demands on time, money and energy which are coupled with the need to change hats and apply talents in every aspect of your business.

5 States of Business Ownership

With so many areas to deal with, it’s not uncommon for revenue to plateau and for cash flow to become a very real issue. Often this leads to uneven growth; in the worst case a business can become strangled by “progress” and jeopardise their very viability.

Does that sound like you?

You’re not alone. Too many business owners spend their time in the passenger seat, being driven by what is happening in the business, rather than taking control of the wheel and steering their business exactly where they want to go.

As a business owner, you cannot possibly know everything. Once you recognise that, you free yourself to look for opportunities to gather the information you need and make informed changes.

Over the last thirty plus years working one on one with business owners, I’ve identified that the most significant “pain point” is around finances, and in particular, understanding your numbers. As a general rule, finance is not an area that many business owners are skilled in. Finding objective, quality financial advice on forecasting, revenue benchmarking, cash flow improvements, and profit planning can be difficult… Especially when (potentially) you don’t know that financial advice is what you actually need.

The good news? You CAN gain control of your business, set your destiny, and master the direction of where your business heads. And, it doesn’t need to be difficult.

I’ve developed and honed the strategies, processes, and procedures businesses need for a sharp focus on success. In fact, I’ve collected and disseminated so much knowledge on helping people just like you understand their business numbers that I’ve written three different books on the subject. You can make a start by picking up your copy of any, or all, of the books by following this link.

The books give you a great deal of information that will be useful immediately. For those business owners that like to be self-sufficient, I have also developed an online course. It runs over 60 days and contains everything you need to know to unscramble your own numbers. Here’s a link if you’d like to read more about it.

There is no doubt, though, the most powerful result I can achieve you is by getting into the minutiae of your business and working together. As a self-confessed tech and efficiency geek, I find areas of opportunity and make the complex appear simple. Effectively, I unscramble your numbers for you and show you how to find the biggest gains in your business. 

By working collaboratively, you’ll notice your business cashflow improve and your confidence around your numbers increase, and once you’re on top of your numbers, your business will grow.  

How do I do that?

Well, it all starts with a phone call . We both need to be sure we’re compatible to work together, and I need to know you’re serious about making a real, lasting change in your business.

From there my work begins. I comb through your numbers, unscrambling them and putting some order around what I find.

During this time we have regular catch ups to discuss what I’ve uncovered, what it means to your business, and what changes could be made (if any).

Once this process has begun, I start to put reporting metrics and analytics in place. A dashboard that helps you understand where your business is right now and where it’s tracking. I work with you to help you understand what each of these metrics means, the implications, and how you can manipulate the data to affect the outcomes.

At the same time I’m looking for efficiency gains, and any other technology pairings we can make to simplify your structure and make the financial side of your business even easier for you to understand.

Every step of the journey is done in consultation with you. I bring all my skills to bear as we review marketing, sales, operations, and procedures, looking for areas of opportunity to grow or reduce depending on your success measures.

Like all worthwhile things in life, there are no ‘silver bullets’. I make things simple, but you need to steer your own business. You will find, though, that working one on one provides the advice, accountability, and actions that will take your business from chaos to control.

  • Always ready with help, advice and a sympathetic ear, Amanda shares our entrepreneurial view of the world and has demonstrated to us an innovative approach to helping us manage our business

    Neil Hymers, Penbro Wireless Solutions Pty Ltd -

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