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Amanda Fisher is a Chartered Accountant who is passionate about educating business owners to be more confident in business through understanding their business numbers.

Amanda brings extensive experience and technical knowledge, combined with a forward-thinking approach, the love of a challenge, and a great practical approach.

Amanda has worked principally with successful small to medium sized business owners for over 30 years.  During that time, Amanda has taken on the role of Financial Controller for a number of businesses on a part-time basis as part of her roles and worked as a Financial Controller for a group of private companies for 7 ½ years.

The experience she gained from these roles provides a different perspective from her peers who have never worked in a commercial role. Amanda understands from her first-hand experience the challenges and stresses of running a business and the issues that arise on a daily basis.

Amanda has a passion for technology and has been an early adopter of new technology for the accounting field all through her working life, from being one of the first to use Lotus 123 spreadsheets, to installations of Attache accounting software when it was first released through to the cutting edge cloud accounting systems available today.


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