Amanda is a technologist who fuses accounting know-how with technology. An experienced speaker, Amanda is inspiring and passionate about helping business owners improve the way they do business.

With a strong belief in the power of education and a keen desire to give back to the community, Amanda spreads her messages of improving the lives of business owners through speaking engagements at business conferences and technology conferences where she has been asked to share her wisdom.

Amanda has also been a guest lecturer at universities where she is inspiring a new generation of accountants to be enthusiastic and excited about how they can work with businesses and do more than just historical reporting.

Feb 2014 Onstage at Sydney KPI Brand Accelerator

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  • Anyone who thinks that accountants are dull and dry should definitely meet Amanda, go to one of her talks, or read her books. Or all three.

    Amanda was kind enough to speak to a group consisting of second-year accounting students and members of the entrepreneurs’ clubs at Monash University in October 2013. She spoke about the future of accounting, particularly with reference to technological change, and about connected accounting.

    Michael Vitale – Monash University

Amanda’s Keynote Topics

Unscramble Your Numbers & Unlock Your Cashflow Secrets

Many business owners don’t understand their business numbers and as a result are making poor decisions and failing to plan for the future. During this keynote, Amanda will:

  • explain the fundamental numbers in business
  • discuss the importance of planning as the key to success
  • show how to identify what business numbers to focus on

As the author of Unscramble Your Numbers – Unlock the Secrets to Your Business Cashflow, Amanda shares her wisdom and anecdotes and uses examples to inspire and educate.  Her trademark style of making the complex simple will wow the audience.

How To Transform Your Business with Cloud Accounting

It is a well-known fact that 80% of new businesses do not survive their first year and of the 20% that do, another 70% don’t survive the second year. One of the major factors behind these figures is a lack of clarity and control of the business finances.

Cloud accounting has arrived and is already revolutionising the way businesses operate. Business owners need to understand the impact cloud accounting can have on their business; the time saving, the ease of use, the information available at their fingertips.

Amanda shares her extensive knowledge of the benefits, the challenges, and her must have questions to help decide the best solution.

The 7 Numbers to Run Your Business in 10 Minutes a Day

There are 7 numbers all starting with “T” which are essential for every business. Amanda will explain what they are, how they are inter-related and what they mean.

Knowledge is power, and with this knowledge, business owners feel more confident and have more clarity.

In addition, Amanda will explain how to use technology so that the numbers are at the owners’ fingertips in just 10 minutes a day.

Drawing on Amanda’s experience with clients over many years, she both educates and inspires with real life examples that resonate with business owners in similar situations.

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