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Research shows that 80% of Xero files have been set up by accountants to provide info for the Tax Office and not to provide you with useful information to make informed business decisions.

If you're S.T.R.U.G.G.L.I.N.G. to get the information you want from your Xero file… I have the PERFECT solution for you!  ... to get more cash, increase profits and grow your business.

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Are You Struggling With Getting The Information You Want From Your Xero File?

I've recently been working with Debbie who had been running her consulting business for 18 months when she came to me frustrated that she couldn't get useful numbers from her Xero file. 

After the Xero Optimisation Consult she has not only got the information she wanted but is saving hours each month in not attempting to find the information from within Xero and cobbling it together.

I'm offering a

Xero Optimisation Service

for small business owners running consulting and professional services businesses

Here's what you get:

A one on one Skype session for 2 hours with a Xero expert

Refined reporting set up specifically for your business

Visibility over your costs to help ensure you're not wasting money unnecessarily

Step by step procedures for extracting useful management information from your Xero file

Case Study

The Xero Optimisation Service is an investment of $ 1,200 + GST, saving you $ 1,200... $ 2,000... or even up to $6,000 a year in lost time and costs. 

The value will continue long beyond the consult when you have your AWESOME numbers at your fingertips to make better business decisions towards your bigger goals and dreams for your business.

How to add $1,200 or more to your bank account

$300 + GST will secure your booking with the balance of $550 payable 2 days before your one on one session.

Step 1. Make your payment

Step 2. Secure your time

Secure your 1:1 Skype session time

A follow up phone call to make sure you're on track


Amanda is not only knowledgeable about

 Xero’s current functionality, but also upcoming updates and priorities. She was also able to quickly understand the quirks of my business and make tailored recommendations to help me make the most of the software - thanks Amanda.

Suzy Watson, CFO

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