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Amanda Fisher, The Cash Flow Queen

Amanda Fisher, The Cash Flow Queen

Please take some time to look through the site. You’ll find a lot of interesting information to help you get your numbers into focus. Across the various pages, you’ll discover more about who I am and what I do for my clients. If you have questions, or you’d like to discuss how we could work together, just schedule a call; I’m always happy to chat.

Over the last 30 years I’ve worked with hundreds of business owners in many diverse industries, anywhere from agriculture to consultancy, helping clients to improve their understanding, sharpen their focus and increase their profit.  

There have been a lot of developments in business since I started out in the mid-1980s, and I’ve seen my fair share of strategies transition in and out of fashion. The one constant has always been the importance of understanding what your business numbers are telling you.

The thing with numbers is… they don’t lie! They tell you the health of your business at a glance, and they can also predict the future of your business. When you know how to read and understand them, they will give you the insights you need so that you know where to focus your time and energy in order to get the quickest and most effective return. My clients often tell me that I am the person who helped them to unscramble their numbers, increase cash flow, create profit, and, most importantly, make their business life less stressful.

Like many of my clients, you probably don’t think of your financial numbers and reporting as the most exciting topic in your business. In truth, for many people, their financials evoke strong responses like “I hate numbers” or “It’s just so complicated”. I totally understand. It just so happens when it comes to numbers (and cross stitch, but that’s a story for another day), I make the complex seem simple, and I can help you to do the same. This gives you back the independence to do the work you love and are good at.

Gaining an understanding of what you need to look at and how to read your business numbers can make the single biggest, and the quickest difference in any business…

I’m so passionate about helping you understand your numbers that I’ve written three books on just that.

I also created an online course for those who like to to be self-sufficient.

I regularly present at workshops, keynotes, and I write articles for publications. In essence, I’m the person you need in your corner to take you from “number-overwhelm” to clarity.If you are wondering whether your business is the “right” fit to work with me, here’s a quick checklist of questions we cover during our first consultation.

You’re a business owner

You have a few runs on the board

You have regular income (even if it is a little lumpy)

You’ve been in business for at least two years

You have staff (even if that’s just you plus one other)

You have a bookkeeper or you recognise that you need a bookkeeper

You want to grow your business

You acknowledge you don’t understand your numbers as much as you should.

If this sounds like you, if you’re ready to take control and get back some independence in your business, and if you’re prepared to put the tools in place to take you to the next level, then don’t wait…

If you’d prefer to complete further research and learn more about ‘how’ I do what I do then take a look at my “About” page. Also, spend some time on the Services page where you’ll find some detail on how we can work together.